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Scorpio Season Herbal Tea Blend

Scorpio Season Herbal Tea Blend

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Known to living their lives through intuition and emotions and able to see through lies easy. Scorpio are careful to not play a part in the drama. Passionate, sensual, courageous and honest. This blend was created to balance sensuality and warmth, balancing the solar plexus energy that Scorpio can send into overdrive for some and awaken to others.

Charged with 528 HZ Zen Tibetan Bowl to activate Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) & Support Mars Energy

Organic Ingredients: Sage, Nettle, Basil, Rooibosh, Rose, Damiana, Ginkgo, Blessed Thistle, Elderberry

Weight 80 g

Our zodiac Bath Soaks like the Zodiac Herbal Tea blends, each Bath Soak offers a unique formulation which is designed based on the associated ruler planet. Each Bath Soak also has a unique combination of homeopathic Cell Salts that are associated with each individual zodiac sign.

Zodiac Teas and Zodia Bath Soaks are specifically designed with a herbal blend which is determined or associated with the ruler planet. We then use sound therapy to charge every packaged herbal tea blend with high frequency Therapeutic Tibetan Zen Bowl (a different frequency is used for each sign). The frequency used is dependant on the chakra and the planet associated with each zodiac sign).

If our skin is our largest organ, it only makes sense to utilize Magnesium Chloride in our formulations! Magnesium Chloride is the only form of Magnesium that is 100% absorb topically. Magnesium Chloride is also used as a catalyst for the formulated herbal blends to be absorbed through the skin.

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