Juice Cleanse - Calgary Pick Up Only

Why Juice Cleanse?

From the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep, your body is hard at work keeping blood flowing through your arteries and veins, supplying oxygen to your cells, and keeping you alive and healthy. Simultaneously, your digestive organs are breaking down food and water molecules to extract vital nutrients and live enzymes in order to replenish healthy cells and regenerate dead or damaged cells.

Unfortunately, we accumulate toxins in our bodies from chemicals in our homes, cars, work environments and food. These toxins cause damage to our cells, and result in sickness and disease in our bodies. For this reason, many health professionals recommend purging your bodies multiple times per year of these toxins, through various methods. One such method is known as a juice cleanse or juice fast.

When your digestive system gets a rest from breaking down fibre in every meal, you’re able to conserve energy and apply it to ridding your body of the toxins! During a juice cleanse, many people experience dramatic weight loss, restoration of energy levels, a breaking of addictions to sugar, caffeine or alcohol, the resolution of skin problems and much more! Once toxins leave your body, it will be able to function at a capacity many people forgot they once had!


Here at Joy and Vitality Centre, we are committed to providing the highest quality juice on the planet. This affects every decision we make, from hand selecting the produce to sourcing strictly organic ingredients every time. When the time came for us to choose our method of juice extraction, the choice was easy.

The Norwalk Juicer’s Triturator Hydraulic Press technology produces such pressure (2,000 pounds to be exact) that it fully extracts ALL vitamins, trace minerals and natural sugars. Juicing allows food to be enjoyed without heating, which can compromise nutrients and overall quality, so we get optimal benefits from the fruits and vegetables we’re consuming. Juicing retains natural enzymes our bodies need, so it’s important not to lose out on them.

Heat, friction, and oxygen are all factors that kill live enzymes or speed up the deterioration of fresh juice. The cold press limits all of these factors and extracts the maximum amount of nutrient-dense juice! Waste is minimized and your body will rejoice at the purity and goodness of the quality and taste.

This Juice Cleanse Options - Must be picked up in our Calgary Location. No Shipping. No Delivery. With overwhelming amount  of orders, please place your order at least 72 hours in advance of when you would like to start your cleanse. Thank you so much for choosing us! 

Please Contact us (403)452-51-84 or email joyandvitalitycentre@gmail.com - to arrange your pick up date!