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Magnesium Oil with Vitamin D

Magnesium Oil with Vitamin D

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Magnesium Oil activates 700-800 enzyme systems in the body, relieves muscle soreness, leg cramps, helps to fight anxiety, stress and is a perfect sleep aid. 

An essential mineral, magnesium is vital for our over all well being and plays a key role in many body processes. Technically not an oil, although it does have a temporary oily feel. This is the fastest way to absorb magnesium and receive it's many benefits!⁣

    Ingredients: Distilled Water, Magnesium Chloride Flakes, Vitamin D

    To Use: 
    Spray on feet, arms, and legs or affected areas (12 sprays in total will give You approximately 200 mg of Elemental Magnesium) and allow to dry. You may experience a tingling feeling, but this will go away and is perfectly normal! Safe for daily use.
    Size: 237ml
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