Lavender Moon Mylk Recipe

Sip ~ Enjoy ~ Relax
1. Mix. Add the milk, lavender, chamomile,
ashwagandha powder, vanilla, and food
coloring (if using) into a small saucepan.
Whisk together.
2. Infuse. Warm over medium heat on the
stove. Stirring occasionally, heat for 5
minutes, so the ingredients have time to
infuse in the milk. A mild simmer with a little
steam is best. Reduce the heat if lavender
milk begins to boil.
3. Strain. Take the lavender milk off the heat
and strain through a fine-mesh tea sieve
into a cup or mug.
4. Sweeten. Stir in the honey or maple syrup
I used 1 tablespoon but feel free to use
more or less according to your taste or
none at all.
5. Froth. Optionally, froth the lavender milk
tea with a milk frother to create soft
lavender foam.
6. Serve. Enjoy warm before bed! You can
optionally dress up your lavender latte by
sprinkling dried flowers on top. The flowers
aren't overly practical but look pretty.