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Hydrate and Cool Down with Amazing Herbs

Herbal Tea ice cubes are a summer must in our house and with this heat wave we made two kinds!
Hibiscus & Lavender : tremendously cooling & astringent this blend is our go to for hot days. This flushes excess fluid from the body systems and helps restore that natural flow while hydrating and cooling off overheated bodies. Pink and lovely, Calming and cooling, with a lovely tangy floral taste.
Lemon Balm & Elderflower : cooling to the body to encourage moving that excess heat out! Lemon balm is considered a sour or refrigerant which helps lowers temp and cool tissues & elderflower is considered a diaphoretic which encourages the body to move heat outwards with perspiration ( not like heavy sweating or anything but moving that heat to the surface to dispel)! Both are calming and peaceful, and peaceful to bodily inflammation.
To make these you add the herbs to cold water in a pot and bring to a simmer, then remove from heat and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain and pour into an ice tray. Freeze until solid and use for those hot days! Great for on the go water bottles or fancy summer cocktails!
A great way to work some herbal magic into your everyday. Simple but so effective