Gemini Season

Gemini Season

Welcome to June 2023! It's Gemini Season, a time to explore, converse, and learn new things. As the sign of choice, Gemini invites us to consider our options. ⁠

This Gemini Season has two phases as Mercury, the ruler of Gemini wraps up its time in Taurus and returns home to Gemini on June 11. Think of the first few weeks of Gemini Season as a time to review, to consider carefully, to search our blind spots, and wrap up something from the past. Come June 11, Gemini Season launches us forward with its customary breezy instincts and chatter.⁠

Venus moves into Leo on June 5, a noteworthy arrival because Venus will spend four months in Leo, not four weeks per usual. (Venus will be retrograde from July 22 to September 3.) If Venus is what we love and what we value, then in Leo we love romance, we value creativity, personality, and self expression. Leo is a sign that invites us to shine like the Sun and here, Venus, finds its star power and megawatt charm. ⁠

Also of note is Pluto's return to Capricorn on June 11. Yes, Pluto's historic time in Aquarius since March 23 has only been a preview. With Pluto back in Capricorn, a sign it first entered way back in January 2008, we're returning to an old story to wrap it up and have those final light bulbs go off.⁠

Saturn makes moves this month, turning retrograde at 7 Pisces on June 17. It's another period to pay attention to the stories coming up. The days around Saturn Retrograde (even Saturn Direct) form a structural point for the year. We see evidence of a major story. We're also getting a real look at what Saturn in Pisces is beginning to reveal to us. (Saturn will be in Pisces until 2026.)⁠

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