Find Your Joy with Archangel Haniel

Ask Archangel Haniel to assist You, so You can experience a joy that you don't have to chase or pursue. It can be part of you—always available, if you choose to embrace it.
😇 Haniel's name means "the joy of God" or "the grace of God." Haniel is generally associated with the planet Venus and the Moon, and is the archangel of the sephirah Netzach. The name Haniel probably derives from Hebrew hana'ah, "joy," "pleasure" (qualities associated with Venus) + the suffix -el, "God."
😇 Haniel appears in female form more often than in male form. People sometimes ask for Haniel's help to: develop and maintain harmonious relationships with God and other people, heal emotionally from stress and sorrow, discover creative inspiration for artistic projects, increase their productivity, enjoy humour and find hope. Ultimately, Haniel helps people who are trying to find fulfillment find it through the joy of relationships with a loving God who wants the best for them.
😇 Archangel Haniel is associated with the Turquoise Ray of emotional tranquility.
Turquoise light is a perfectly balanced blend of blue and green which is symbolic of Haniel's energy and ability to balance the higher spiritual realms with the realm of the physical.
😇 Haniel also offers support for women during their monthly cycle, and oversees forces of intuition, psychic sight and psychic feeling.
😇 Invoking the presence of Archangel Haniel can be as easy as asking:
“Archangel Haniel, thank you for connecting with me now and wrapping me in your brilliant light and joy. Help me to release heavy emotions, and distorted energies so I can access the full extent of my spiritual gifts and shine my light to be of service at a higher level in my life and align with true joy and fulfillment.”
You can also ask Archangel Haniel to help heal and uplift others.
😇 Essential oils, yiang yiang, lavender, lemon, mandarin, palmarosa, rosewood.
😇 Haniel also helps to translate high level spiritual concepts and frequencies in to language, words, and frequencies that human beings within physical reality can integrate and understand.
Making a connection with Archangel Haniel will inspire you to:
* Meet new friends.
* Enliven your romantic life.
* Increase your creativity.
* Improve your communication skills.
* Bring new life to your healing practices.
Joy can be experienced in every moment, in every action or inaction, but we often forget to check in with ourselves, or pay attention to our personal road map, getting caught up in the drama that our lives contain. Haniel encourages us to stop searching for fulfillment outside of ourselves, instead bringing us within, to explore trust, confidence and wonderment in the adventure that is our lives. Follow your passions, find enjoyment in the now, and learn to observe your ego needs as an opportunity to transform fear into love. When we are expressing love, we are experiencing joy! Who doesn’t want more of that?!
We trust that our Archangel Haniel Sacred Aura Mist and Bath Salt may assist you with a connection to Archangel Haniel