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Love Yourself to Health Work Journal by Giuliana Melo

Love Yourself to Health Work Journal by Giuliana Melo

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Loving myself to health has been an interesting journey. I could only do it because of my belief in the Divine and the help of all of my angel teachers on earth and in heaven. Harnessing the power of the Divine Feminine with Mother Mary has allowed me to nurture myself in a way that I never had before. This journey of life is one that is blessed and beautiful, and when the hard times hit, as they do because we are meant to learn lessons, it sure helps having a tool to guide you. I sincerely hope that this journal will become a beloved part of your daily spiritual practice.


I believe all I have been taught. I now love my body. This one, the imperfectly perfect one for me and my life. It has taken work to get here. Use the journal to guide you. Allow the pain energy to move. Connect to Source daily, ground to Mother Earth, maintain your energy and enjoy the ride my friends. I learned to fill my love bucket from my friend Vicky M. Even though she is in spirit, I feel her in my life. I love you all and now I love me too!

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