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Immune Warrior Herbal Package

Immune Warrior Herbal Package

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All of these herbs have an effect on the immune system in slightly different ways and the synergistic combination of them is typical of most herbal medicine blends, the herbal actions come together in a gently stimulating and modulating way.

  • Elderberry
  • Licorice Root
  • Linden 
  • Coltsfoot

Elderberry: Provides immune support and scientifically proven to provide significant relief of cold & flu symptoms.

Linden may promote a healthy fever and the immune system's ability to fight infections. Boneset is another immune stimulant and diaphoretic that helps fight off minor viral infections, such as the common cold.

Coltsfoot is a plant long used in herbal medicine to treat respiratory conditions, gout, flu, colds, and fever. Scientific studies link it to several health benefits, including reduced inflammation, brain damage, and coughing.

Licorice root may have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects. Early research suggests that, as a result, it may ease upper respiratory infections, treat ulcers, and aid digestion, among other benefits. 

How to make your herbal tea infusion:
Drop a teaspoon of loose tea into your French press, add in a cup of hot water, close the lid and let it steep. Herbal infusions need the most steeping (5 to 30 minutes).